The Bowen Technique

A Bowen treatment affects the body in ways that promotes the body's own natural healing mechanisms, encouraging the body to realign itself; there is no painful manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is used or required. It can be applied through light clothing and is suitable for all ages.

It is these unique features that set the Bowen Technique apart from other therapies. Osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists and physiotherapists are among the many professional practitioners who use the Bowen Technique, and all who practice it are continually amazed at the effectiveness of this simple and gentle form of 'hands-on' therapy.

Common presenting problems include: Back pain, frozen shoulder, whiplash injuries, chronic asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a host of other health issues all of which have been known to respond favourably to the Bowen Technique.

The experience of the treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing and the treatment time is approximately 45 minutes.

Fees for Bowen Sessions:

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Initial Treatment & Consultation: £45.00

Subsequent treatment Sessions: £45.00

Child Session: £25.00

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"Didn't know what to expect, that said, I went for various issues and the results were excellent even after the first treatment. 3 treatments in all and pain had totally gone. Helped in an overall way for my entire body. Would recommend it to anyone."

SS Cambridgeshire  (39)

"I put my back out over ten years ago after trying to lift something too heavy , over time my posture had also become affected & working in retail didn't help. Over the years I have tried various treatments to ease my pain but nothing really seemed to help. A colleague then recommended Bowen Therapy to me, so I did some research all about Bowen & found Lorraine . She is very informative about Bowen Therapy, what it is all about & what to expect. She will explain which areas she has worked on & why, which I find very good & useful to understand why your body is reacting the way it does. I have found that since I started going to see Lorraine, I now have a better quality of life now than I have had in years. I do go for top up sessions about every 4-6 weeks which keeps the pain at bay. The atmosphere is very relaxed & friendly & Lorraine really puts you at ease. I find that Bowen has 2 uses, not only does it re-align the whole body, but it also very relaxing. My one wish would have been I found this treatment over ten years ago & saved myself years of pain. I would highly recommend Lorraine to anyone who's looking to free themselves of pain."

JS, Huntingdon, Female 30's.