Energy Field Healing

Our energy field or 'Aura' surrounds our physical body. This field represents our mental, physical and emotional well being. When we are in good health Energy flows freely around and through us, but is easily affected by our environment e.g. the home, workplace, electromagnetic emissions from TV's, computers and mobile phones.

We are often unaware that we are also affected by other peoples energies, taking onboard their stress and other traumatic issues, all of which may stay within our own energy field. If this situation is not dealt with, we may start to become stressed ourselves, feeling out of balance, drained or fatigued, resulting in symptoms of physical illness.

Energy Field Healing aims to cleanse and re-balance the body's energy. This therapy has been known to be effective for a wide range of condiitions.

No touch is involved and the client remains fully clothed throughout, sitting in a chair or lying on a couch. Treatment time is approximately 45 minutes.

Fees for Energy Field Healing Sessions:

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Initial Treatment & Consultation: £45.00

Subsequent treatment Sessions: £45.00

Child Session: £25.00

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NB: Treatments are not suitable for pregnant women or those with epilepsy.


"The outcome has such a profound effect both on my body and mind, that I now prefer this treatment over others. The changes occur over a month. For me, the day of the treatment I do feel energised, which may then be followed by a slump in the following days as things get processed. My biggest benefit is clarity of mind and general feeling of peace and well being, better sleep and feeling more with it."


"It was incredible the difference Lorraine's energy field healing made to me. I came to her feeling drained, exhausted, dragged down with a negative attitude to life. I left a different person. I felt a weight had been lifted, the black cloud gone, my posture had changed. Friends commented at the change, my life started to fall into place. This also had a positive effect on my home. Lorraine then did a home healing, and within a few days things changed dramatically at home especially with the behaviour of my sons, they both got jobs, the house was kept tidy and even began paying rent! A miracle'. One of my sons has booked a treatment. Thank you, Lorraine." TS Huntingdon Female 50's


"For me Energy Field Healing is great. The treatments are non-invasive which is very important to me as often so many things are. I find them relaxing and the results have had such a lasting and positive effect. It has been the best way for me to remain in balance. I have not experienced any other form of healing that works as effectively as this. I have had health issues and physical ailments that have improved through EFH and balancing on a mental and emotional level too. I would always choose EFH over and above any other healing therapy as the results have proved to be so effective and transforming." SS, St Ives Female 30's.