Healing Places

Environment - The earth acts as a giant electromagnet with natural lines of flux forming a matrix- cross over the surface and through the planet. Interference from overhead power lines, mobile phones and transmitters disrupt the natural magnetic field resulting in geopathic stress. This will effect the bodies immune system making us feel tired and out of sorts. Our home or workplace may also feel heavy and dark.

Land can also carry an imprint of unhappy or violent events such as wars, arguments, accidents and trauma. These events leave behind vibrations causing stress to people and buildings. Often a trapped spirit may be present. These energies can be released and transformed thus allowing peace, balance and harmony to return.

Workplace - Is your workplace uninviting? Are people often in conflict and irritable? Are there high levels of illness, demotivation or concentration?

Energy Field Healing will assist the working environment revert back to a more positive and vibrant place, through transforming the dense negative energies and booting the flow of universal energy.

Energy Field Healing for Places

By applying skills for energy sensitivity, it is possible to detect imbalances in the places you live and work. Once detected, energy techniques are applied to rebalance, cleanse and stabilise the natural flows of energy, so that the environment becomes a more enriching place.

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